Wednesday, 24 August 2011

37 weeks!

On Monday I was 37 weeks through my pregnancy, which means that the baby is now classed as full term and could come any day now ...

Sunday was my 29th birthday, I had a lovely day with family, my mum even cooked a roast dinner which is unheard of. I have, however, stored my birthday bubbly allocation for use once the baby is here and has settled in to a feeding routine! Sunday was eventful for a whole other reason too ... I hadn't felt much movement throughout the day and despite trying the usual tricks, ice cold drinks and high sugar content food, I wasn't getting much of a response so that evening we decided to go to the hospital to be checked out. The midwifes were lovely and I was put on a tracker to monitor both me and the baby. Thankfully everything was fine, as junior decided to start jumping around as usual once the monitor was put on and we ended up with what was described as a textbook trace. Although nervous for obvious reasons to begin with, the whole experience really put me at ease, knowing that the staff are so friendly and supportive has certainly relieved some apprehension about when the actual time arrives!

Monday was also an eventful day, as we spent another night at the hospital ... for non pregnancy related reasons! I've had a problem with one of my back teeth for a while that I have been putting off and putting off, at the weekend this really came to a head and I was in agony. Still being stubborn as a mule I didn't do anything about it other than mope about, take paracetamol and put bags of frozen anything on my face. I held out until Monday night when I gave in and went to the emergency dentist, who promptly removed the offending tooth. I had read somewhere that it wasn't recommended that you have dental work, like fillings, during the later stages of pregnancy. Obviously you can't leave cavities untreated either! I'm still in lots of pain from the extraction, which was difficult to say the least, and the only thing that we are allowed - paracetamol - wasn't even touching the pain I'm in. So today I contacted my GP who has prescribed me a low dose of codeine for the next couple of days to help as things settle down! Fingers crossed!!

Other than that I feel fine, I've got used to the braxton hicks and the babies 'headbutting' as we now like to call it. Lets see how the little one reacts to my current 'smooth food' diet!


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