Monday, 27 June 2011

29 weeks!

Today marks the 29th week of my pregnancy, I honestly don't know where all this time is going! The past week has been somewhat hectic, what with things on at work, midwife appointment and antenatal classes.

I had another midwife check up on Tuesday, at this stage you can expect more blood tests (nowhere near as many as the booking appointment though) these are routine tests and check things like your iron levels. I haven't heard my results but the midwife said that they would only contact me if there as anything that required further assessment or treatment - no news is good news in this case! I also got 'measured' after a certain point they start to measure your bump as a way of tracking the baby's growth, the measurement should be around the same in centimetres as the number of weeks you are (with an allowance of 4cm either way), I'm measuring 30cm which is a good sign that the baby is developing well ... not that I had a heavy lunch that day!

At the appointment the midwife also had a good feel of the bump to see which position the baby is in, at the moment ours is transverse, meaning it's lying across the bump rather than head down or breech. This is something that can cause difficulty in later pregnancy but there is plenty of time for this little one to move. At the antenatal classes they taught us that being on your hands and knees for 10minutes a day can help the baby get into the optimal position ... I may combine this with some cleaning as the nesting instinct becomes stronger. Its strange, now that I know the baby is in this position I can definitely feel the little lumps and bumps, me and the hubby have been trying to guess which bump is the head etc!

Antenatal classes this week were great, we had a double act of a midwife and a health visitor and they were brilliant. They got the whole class engaged and involved, especially in subjects which in other forums can turn in to a bit of a lecture - breastfeeding for example! We have our final class and hospital visit this week - I can't wait.

On top of all the activity we've also had a mini heatwave at the back end of the week, my desk fan has become my new companion! I've been applying factor 50, staying in the shade and drinking plenty of iced water. I've also been leaving the curtains in the bedroom closed throughout the day in a bid to keep the room cool. I have no idea how people in hotter climates cope when pregnant and the heat is on!!


Sunday, 19 June 2011

28 weeks!

I've been a little quieter than usual the past week - not down to anything pregnancy related but due to computer issues ... I'm sorry if there is a flood of posts over the next few days as a result!

Tomorrow I am 28 weeks through my pregnancy, another week has been and gone and I can't quite believe it. However, cheesecake update ... I have resisted for a whole week! Lets make it two!!

Over the past week I have been really hectic at work, meeting after meeting followed by deadline upon deadline. Its so easy to get consumed in all of this and forget to look after yourself. One of the things that I can stay in control of is what I eat. I make a real effort to prepare our lunches for work each day at home, that way even if I can't have a proper break to eat it in I know I'm getting the right nutrients. Generally lunch this week has consisted of salad with new potatoes and some protein - tuna (within the recommended limits), hard boiled eggs and carved ham are all favourites! I also take plenty of fruit and a yoghurt to make sure I have something healthy to munch on when I feel peckish ... it helps me stay away from the mountains of chocolate biscuits in the office too. I'm paying particular attention to what I eat from this point onwards, as this is the stage where the baby lays down most of it's fat stores and I would rather they come from 'good' fats rather than, well, cheesecake!

We attended our first antenatal class on Tuesday which was much better than I thought it would be. It's great to be surrounded by people who are in the same situation as you (all of our class are expecting their first baby) and it's nice to know that the majority of them have the same burning questions as you ... mainly about labour and the birth! I'm really looking forward to our next session which takes us to the next stage, once the baby arrives. When pregnant I think you spend so much time focusing on that line in the sand (the birth) that you almost can't see past it to your life beyond, I'm really looking forward to learning the basics like how to wash a baby and how to change a nappy.

Apart from work and antenatal classes I think the majority of my time this week has been spent in the bath, wallowing in a mass of bubbles (I have so many bubble baths at the minute I've given up on luxury brands and stocked up on supermarket's own bubble bath - more bubbles the better). I think it's really important to relax while you can and claw back some me time. It's also great if you are starting to get an achy back, taking the pressure off and relaxing he muscles nicely.

I've also been finding that the heat is starting to get to me! I'm all set up with a desk fan at work and a large fan in our bedroom. I'm not complaining too much though, I still think we should make the most of good weather here while we have it (unlike today which requires head to toe waterproof gear!).

Happy fathers day ... I'm looking forward to next year when me and the little one can spoil the hubby rotten.

love it!

Ohdeedoh featured the grand nursery reveal of house thirty six this week ... it's lovely!

There is quite a lot going on in the room, but keeping the colour pallette to a few select shades (cool dove grey and lemon!) helps everything come together beautifully.


Saturday, 18 June 2011

the heat is on

Ok so the weather in the UK is changeable to say the least, but recently we have been getting some really nice and (relatively) warm days lasting well into the evening (tady it has to be said is the exception!). While usually I would welcome the heat and continue as normal, my increasing size and sensitivity to temperature means I've been taking things a little slower. The perfect excuse to chill out in the sun with a refreshing beverage!

My beverage of choice? A virgin apple mojito ... you will need:

Glass of crushed ice (plus a little spare for topping up if needed)
Half a glass of soda water (or lemonade if you prefer it a little sweeter)
Quarter glass of apple juice (the good stuff!)
Teaspoon of brown sugar
8-10 fresh mint leaves
Half a lime

In a high ball glass, add half the ice, the brown sugar, half the mint leaves and a splash of apple juice. Bash everything together to release the flavour of the mint and dissolve the sugar. Add the rest of the apple juice, ice and mint and mix together (I like to make sure I get a good distribution of mint leaves through the ice ... more for presentation!). Top with the soda water and squeeze the lime juice over the top.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!


Monday, 13 June 2011

27 weeks!

Today I'm 27 weeks into my pregnancy and all of a sudden I feel huge! The bump seems to have had a growth spurt in the last 7 days, and the baby is certainly enjoying the space while he/she is small enough for a good wriggle and kick.

Last week was certainly an interesting one! We continued our work in the nursery which is as complete as it can be at this stage, I still haven't got a mattress for the cot and I want this to be the last thing to go in ... it's not officially done until this bit is complete so if there are any old wives tales about getting the nursery done I think I might have a loophole!

Last week I welcomed the dreaded pregnancy mood swings, one minute completely irrational in ikea when an item wasn't in stock (when the online stock checker was saying 24 items) the next I'm fine again ... although I do have to say that they picked a perfect day to send me a customer satisfaction survey! Maybe I wasn't completely fine ...

Later in the week, while food shopping I also found myself in floods of tears over frozen yoghurt, thankfully amongst the drama I did manage to pick some up (Ben and Jerry's Phish Food YUM!!) which made everything better when I got back home! I can laugh about it now but I have to say the mood swings are strange, it's almost like I should be wearing a 'warning - pregnant and hormonal' disclaimer sign when walking around! I feel like I have no control at times ... if this coninues I may have to apply the SUMO (shut up and move on) method to most situations I find myself in!

I've also been getting leg cramps in the night, these apparently are quite common and can be caused by a lack of potassium, you should see the size of the bunch of bananas that I picked up at the supermarket in a bid to prevent the dreaded cramps.

Aside from the bananas, the healthy eating seems to have taken a back burner as my newly found sweet tooth is strengthening. Fruit does help and I've tried low cal alternatives (I've already mentioned the hot chocolate in a previous post and of course the frozen yoghur above) but my latest obsession is cheesecake ... I'm trying to go through week 27 without giving in to the temptation, I've filled the fridge with strawberries and grapes, have some sugar free jelly and have bought some chocolate orange options as a last resort. I am strong, I can do it!

I'm also going to make more of an effort to get some exercise into my daily routine, today I went for a walk at lunch which was really nice to get out of the office, have some fresh air and see some greenery. Tomorrow I plan to do the same, who knows I may even dust off the wii fit!

13 weeks to my EDD ... blimey!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

nursery design #4

I'm letting my softer side through with this one, pretty and feminine is the mood of today's room ... not so suitable for a baby boy! That said, I've not gone completely overboard and twee, letting some really lovely elements speak for themselves. To stop things from getting a little to sugary I would keep the background (walls) neutral, maybe a soft putty or my favourite grey again??


Clockwise from top left - garland pendant vertbaudet £25.00, curtains (dagny) ikea £69.99, birdcage mirror vertbaudet £39.00, lamp (ljusas salbo) ikea £30.99, rug (aborg) ikea £35.99, bedding dwell studio £202 (approx), rocking horse moover £68.00, sleepsuit baby joule £22.00, coat stand vertbaudet £45.00, hanging bird ornament (centre) monsoon £6.00.


Saturday, 11 June 2011

nursery design #3

I love fresh and vibrant colours in a nursery, I know I've said it before but when you look at what is available in the UK high-street we seem to be falling into a beige for babies trap! I read that they need strong contrasts to help with their visual development ... and this delivers on that front! To keep things from getting a bit overwhelming I would use white as the main colour for the walls, maybe using the beautiful isak wallpaper on just one area.


Clockwise from top left - penguin wallpaper isak £38 (per roll), curtains (gronska prickar) ikea £14.99, lamp (lykta) ikea £9.18, picture (solmyra) ikea £9.99, sleeping bag vertbaudet £17.40, storage boxes vertbaudet £17.00, bedding dwell studio £220 (approx), rattle kidsen £18.99, changing mat £53.74, cot and drawers as before.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

nursery design #2

I've based this whole scheme around grey - I think it's a restful colour that works really well in a nursery. However, I do think you need elements of bolder colour to keep the scheme playful, something that can easily be achieved through art and of course lovely toys!


Clockwise from top left - light (torna) ikea £59.99, swallow mobile flensted £11.99, curtains (kajsa) ikea £30.63, picture (solmyra) ikea £10.99, lamp (alang) ikea £35.73, bumper dwell studio £96 (approx), crib skirt dwell studio £34 (approx), rug (ludde) ikea £20.42, cloud changing mat kidsen £29.99, elephant pull along sebra £30.99, laundry basket (grundtal) ikea £51.99, pillow (centre) lucky boy sunday £45.00.


Monday, 6 June 2011

nursery design #1

In the midst of decorating and putting together our perfect nursery, I thought it might be fun to take the bare essentials of the room and see what different design options I could come up with.

The basics of our nursery will be the furniture - we've opted for a double malm dresser from ikea and the bibi cot from Mamas and Papas (both in white). Both are brilliant quality at an excellent price - the drawers come in at £101.11 and the cot is currently on offer at £80. We're going to use the dresser as the changing unit, as we're pretty hard up for storage in the house the drawers can accommodate plenty of essential but unpretty baby items while still leaving plenty of room for all the lovely tiny clothes (we also plan to get the stuva wardrobe from ikea too, small but perfectly formed for little people!).

So here is nursery design #1 - I've called it cool and contemporary. I would start with a pale blueish grey on the walls which ties all the other elements together.


This is a real mix of high-street bargains and luxury baby goodies. Clockwise from top left - curtains (gronska prickar) ikea £14.99, picture (solmyra) ikea £11.99, lamp (fillsta) ikea £20.42, rug (ludde) ikea £20.42, truck shelf dwell studio £75 (approx), bedding (skyline) dwell studio £220 (approx), mobile dwell studio £46 (approx), cot and dresser as above. Just realised I only 'shopped' at two places here ... perfect if you are ordering online!

While I absolutely love this look it is a little masculine - as we're team lemon a no go for us. I do think it would make a little boy very happy though!


26 weeks!

Not meaning to sound cliche ... but time really is flying! 40 weeks sounds like such a long time but I can't actually believe where the time has gone, just 14 weeks left to my EDD.

I really wanted to get the nursery 'sorted' while I was still able to help, so we have taken some time off to get the bulk of it done. We've done really well with the majority of it now completed/assembled ... ahead of schedule! More of that to come later ...

We've had some lovely weather over the past few days, decorating while pregnant in the heat is not a good idea! It's been plenty of iced water and cool showers for me, thankfully I haven't had to leave the house much so I've been living in the hubby's t-shirts and loose trousers.

We went on a little trip to pick up our latest bargain buy today too ... I really wanted to get a baby swing but the ones I liked just seemed too much for something that the baby might not settle in and therefore not get used. The hubby's love of eBay was reignited after our trip to the NCT nearly new sale and he found this little beauty for £20!

It's hardly been used and is in immaculate condition! Hubby gets extra brownie points for that one ...

This week my tummy has been particularly itchy as the skin is stretching over my bump (could also be to do with the heat) as such I've been slathering on my sanctuary body butter to keep it hydrated and smelling delish!

The little one is certainly a wriggler - I've noticed it more on sunny days. Apparently at this stage when it is sunny or you are near a bright light they turn towards it ...

I'm off to go and look at the beautiful nursery now (I just can't stop!) :)


Friday, 3 June 2011

art for babies - update

I've just discovered, by Katy Moon an illustrator. The site gives you one free illustration a day, every day. After that they are downloadable at a small charge. There are some absolutely beautiful pictures on there. For example, today's free download is hope #5 (shown below with water mark).

Why not keep a look out for something to suit your nursery ... I know I will!


Thursday, 2 June 2011

ikea rant

DISCLAIMER - this post may will contain some hormonal induced complaints.

We've taken some time off to do some work on the nursery, including shopping for some of the key items. So after a really successful start to the day we headed off to ikea, shopping list in hand.

Today's main purchases were the malm three drawer dressers and lack shelves to go above, in white. However we noticed a small sign on the display dresser which outlined that ikea currently stock two versions of white, the newer one being much fresher and brighter than the older version. Great, nice bright white furniture exactly what we wanted! However, when we came to load our goodies on to the flat bed trolley there were obvious differences in the finishes of the malm dressers and the lack shelves. One in lovely pristine white, the other a mucky nicotine stained colour in comparison. When hubby asked for advice we were told that the stores were gradually moving to the new white as stock of the older version decreased. Aaaargh! There was no way that we could get the mismatching items, so we bought the dressers and put the shelves back ... back to the drawing board on that one! It just seems silly to me to have a product labelled white which obviously isn't ... and as so many people mix and match from ikea I'm sure we'll not be the first to come across the issue. Of course my hormones don't help, a mini strop soon followed and we spent the rest of the day looking for alternatives!

And another thing ... they seem to have stopped selling my favourite light (and the one I was planning on getting for the nursery) in our local store. It's on the website but you can't buy online ... grrr!!

Rant over!