Thursday, 24 November 2011

i'm back

Well ... tomorrow Benjamin will be 11 weeks old, eeeek! Where on earth has that time gone?! And I thought my pregnancy went quickly. I've settled into motherhood well and we're really enjoying our time together getting to know one and other!

The first month was such a blur. The hubby was lucky to be able to take 4 weeks off work which meant that we all got to enjoy those precious early moments. It was also a god send as I could recover properly from the cesarean with Mark there to help throughout the day. Recovery over and Mark well and truly back at work, me and Benjamin have been settling into our new routine, which includes baby groups, walks, meeting people and attempting naps ...

And, with all this 'time off' from blogging I've racked up quite a few topics which I want to cover, so apologies if you get bombarded in the next few weeks!!


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