Friday, 16 September 2011

new arrival ...

On Friday 9th September 2011 we welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Benjamin John Davies, into the world. He is absolutely perfect and we are totally besotted, I just cant stop looking at him and drinking in every little detail.

The delivery wasn't as straight forward as I would have liked but I would go through it all over again, ten times and more for our little man! After a strange day where I seemed to cry at everything and didn't feel 'quite right' my waters broke at 3.15am on Thursday 8th. I wasn't experiencing any contractions but was advised to go into hospital to be checked, they confirmed that the membranes had ruptured and advised me to go home where labour would hopefully follow and to return the next morning to be induced if it had not. Sure enough at home the contractions started, they were somewhat mild (in comparison to what was to follow) and irregular. I had some concerns over the colour of the fluids, mainly clear with some green flecks, so was advised to return to hospital. The midwifes assured me that they were not concerned about this but would progress with the induction as I was already there, so at 4.15pm I was induced. I hadn't really mentioned my thoughts on induction here before, but it was one of the things that ideally I would have liked to have avoided as rather than build gradually the drugs progress you well into labour quickly, not allowing much time for your body to produce it's own pain killers, however I wanted the baby to arrive the safest way possible

I progressed from 1cm to 6cm very quickly, but the pain was unbearable. I had been given diamorphine which had no effect and the gas and air provided more of a distraction rather than any relief. My hubby was wonderful and supportive throughout the whole thing. I cant imagine what it is like to watch someone you love go through so much pain when there is nothing you can do to help. When I was told I was 6cm dilated I quickly opted for an epidural, which thankfully didn't take that long to arrange. The difference that this made was like night and day, very quickly I couldn't feel the contractions which was marvellous. Following the epidural I progressed to 8cm slowly and unfortunately that is as far as I got, they think that this is down to the position of the little tinker. At first the consultant said that they would give it another two hours to see if I had progressed any further, if not then we would be looking at a section. I think it was at this point that I realised, even if I made it to 10cm I didn't have the energy to push, I asked to be examined after an hour when they did this I was still at 8cm so the epidural was topped up and I was prepped for surgery.

What follows is a bit of a blur, I was very nervous and trying to keep my mind off what was happening! Mark joined us when they were ready and it started, no pain just as strange feeling and then a tiny cry! The next thing I heard was Mark telling me that we had had a boy "a beautiful baby boy". We were both so emotional! Words can't describe how I felt when I saw him for the very first time. After I was put back together again, we spent the rest of the day getting to know each other, having lots and lots of cuddles!

A week later and we're at home, adjusting to new surroundings and new roles. I thought my pregnancy went fast but this week has gone by so quickly! We're getting there with breastfeeding, thanks to lots of support and encouragement from family, friends and professionals. And I hear that eventually you do get into more of a routine, but hey - sleep is overrated when you have something this special!


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